Frequently Asked Questions


Tutorial videos are available on our YouTube Channel. See the link below and also provided on our home page.

What does the subscription include and can I cancel at anytime?

A subscription costs $88 for one year and provides you access to BathyMaps Premium for one year. You can cancel your subscription at anytime following these steps. Once you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to BathyMaps Premium.

How will my personal information be managed?

BathyMaps contract the services of MemberSpace to management BathyMaps Premium memberships and Stripe to manage susbcription payments. Both companies are large reputable and safe companies, that manage personal information with the best security practices available to online services.

Where do you get your bathymetry data from?

The bathymetry data we use is publicly available via Geoscience Australia here, you are not purchasing the bathymetry data, you are purchasing the application BathyMaps has developed to provide easy access to the data for the specific purpose of recreational fishing.

What area do the maps cover?

Our maps currenlty cover the entire QLD coast, parts of the NT and Northern WA. Refer to the home page and the BathyMaps Free maps for an exact reference of the area covered by BathyMaps Premium. We will soon be expading to parts of Northern Australia.

What is the resolution of your data?

The bathymetry data is a 30mx30m resoltuion grid, which means each square pixel on the screen is a 30mx30m area. Some areas of the dataset we use have better resoltuion than others. Please refer to the BathyMaps Free map to check which areas are poorer and better before purchasing BathyMaps Premium.

What coordinate system does BathyMaps use?


Are these maps compatible with my sounder/chartplotter?

Our maps are only available on a web browser that can be used on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. We recommend using Google Chrome for Android devices or Safari for Apple devices.

I am having trouble logging in to BathyMaps Premium!

Make sure you are using our home page to login using the sign in links on the home page and the menu, then under "Plan" select "Access Content".